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Terms and conditions of fuel card use


The use of any fuel card issued by Bapco is governed at all times by the following conditions:

  1. In these conditions the "Fuel Card" means Sadeem Card issued by The Bahrain Petroleum Company under the agreement, "Card Holder" shall be the bearer of the card, "Principal" means the person, firm or company in whose name the account is maintained by The Bahrain Petroleum Company, the card issuer. "Sites" mean those The Bahrain Petroleum Company Service Stations at which the fuel card may be used.
  2. The Principal shall request The Bahrain Petroleum Company to issue fuel cards for use by the Principal’s authorized cardholders. The Bahrain Petroleum Company shall be entitled to charge the Principal an annual administration charge, which may be varied from year to year.
  3. The Principal shall be responsible for safe delivery of the fuel card to his authorized card holder. The card may only be used: a) by the authorized cardholder to obtain petroleum fuels and lubricants from a site which accepts fuel cards: b) subject to these conditions as current at the time of use, the fuel card remains the property of The Bahrain Petroleum Company at all times and shall be returned by the Principal promptly on the request of The Bahrain Petroleum Company.
  4. The Principal shall be liable to pay for all petroleum fuels and lubricants drawn against the card according to terms agreed with The Bahrain Petroleum Company which may be revised from time to time.
  5. The Bahrain Petroleum Company shall provide the Principal with details of card consumption and invoices each month or at such other intervals as may be appropriate.
  6. If the fuel card is lost or stolen the Principal must immediately notify The Bahrain Petroleum Company at such address or telephone number as The Bahrain Petroleum Company may specify from time to time. If this notification is given orally it must be confirmed in writing within two working days. Upon receipt of such notification The Bahrain Petroleum Company will take all reasonable action to prevent fuel being drawn against the card but the Principal shall remain liable for all drawings for a period of three working days after the date of notification. The card holder shall take all reasonable care and precaution to prevent loss, theft or mutilation of any fuel card. The cardholder shall not disclose the Personal Identification Number of the card to any unauthorized person.
  7. The Bahrain Petroleum Company may suspend or withdraw the fuel card at its discretion without notice to the Principal. Suspension or withdrawal is without prejudice to the Principal’s liability in respect of use of the fuel card prior to suspension or withdrawal.
  8. The Bahrain Petroleum Company shall not be liable in any way if the fuel card is not honored by a supplier whether by way of non acceptance, non delivery of fuel or otherwise.
  9. Where the Principal consists of two or more parties such expression throughout shall mean and include such two or more parties and each or any of them. All obligations of the part of such principal shall be deemed to be joint and several obligations of such parties.
  10. The Bahrain Petroleum Company may vary or add to these conditions at any time subject to the requirements of statute, publication of any variation or addition by such means as The Bahrain Petroleum Company may select shall constitute effective notice to card holders.